Omgemini Session Update 2-9-16

Setting sail on our own

With the battle of ship to ship over and the daughter of the captain returned to his loving arms, we search the confiscated ship for treasure and cargo. It is a more ornate ship stocked with enough rations for a voyage minus a crew. We find papers written by an anonymous author describing a failed meeting to retrieve the captains daughter and a new meeting place near what we later find out to be a light house some distance away. This meeting is supposed to be at mid summers peak a few weeks away.

The captain offers to travel at a reduced rate of speed so we can pilot our new ship back to the main coastal city for repair, supplies and a crew. Once we travel that distance, we enter the city and seek out what we need but keeping in mind the date we are closing in on for meeting the writer of the letter found.

Once we find a crew we head off along the coast in a northwestwardly direction. Though this will take a bit longer to our destination, it will be safer against the rough open sea. The possibility of pirates along the coastal waters is higher but we travel day and night to make up distance needed. One night we are boarded by sea creatures that attack from both starboard and port sides. Between magical darkness and sword swings, the battle runs long and as more of these creatures appear, they quickly drag off their dead and return to the sea.



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